The trailer for the short is now available on the site. Perhaps you noticed it as you visited the homepage!

I also posted the trailer on reddit, and that has been a roller coaster ride. The trailer got 119 views! The post received 4 likes, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, then 10! Then it dropped down to 6 and it has been going between 6 and 8 likes this morning.

Also, someone left a comment on the reddit post. Here is a copy and paste of the comment. I made sure to include every word to maintain the integrity of the author’s sentiment.


That’s it. That’s the only comment. I checked the user’s other comments, and they were more thoughtful than that. They weren’t entirely coherent, but slightly more effort had been put into his (I have to assume it was a man) other comments. Why…would someone go through the effort of posting that as a comment?

I have decided to interpret it as, “Huh, what a fun concept, I look forward to seeing more.”



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