I got some negative feedback on the show this week, so I’ve been eating a lot cheese. St. Andre triple cream is smothered all over my keyboard. It’s French. I’m very fancy, duh.

The critic said it was beautifully animated (nice work Dan) but the writing “lacked subtly”. <–YES THEY MISSPELLED SUBTLETY. They also wrote:

“You ultimately didn’t trust your audience to understand the implications of each scenario and thus created Ellen to spell it out for us. It made the film jarring rather than entertaining and it was hard to like your characters at all. ”

This was super hurtful, because Ellen is not there to spell anything out. She’s there to sow chaos! And her zealous interruptions are part of the joke, both within each scene and throughout the series. The Bank Robber would have stopped if it weren’t for Ellen pushing her to do better, which is a ridiculous thing for a woman to do in this case.

They also said the explicit narrative would have made sense if it was made for a feminist or equality summit. This feedback was very confusing, because the show pokes fun at feminism and masculinity. It would be rude if I made this for a feminist summit.

Anyway, someone obviously thought the show was NOT funny, and I am distraught.