I’ve seen some beautiful productions recently, and it’s so humbling.

Here are the three I cannot stop thinking about:

The Greatest Showman

The Marvelous Ms. Maisel

The Disaster Artist

I’m so blown away by these masterpieces that my twitter feed is essentially just the cast and writers behind The Greatest Showman, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, and The Disaster Artist.

It doesn’t make for a particularly informative twitter feed, but I do not care. All I want to see is thoughts from the actors of these productions and like-minded praise for these works. It warms my heart.


I got some negative feedback on the show this week, so I’ve been eating a lot cheese. St. Andre triple cream is smothered all over my keyboard. It’s French. I’m very fancy, duh.

The critic said it was beautifully animated (nice work Dan) but the writing “lacked subtly”. <–YES THEY MISSPELLED SUBTLETY. They also wrote:

“You ultimately didn’t trust your audience to understand the implications of each scenario and thus created Ellen to spell it out for us. It made the film jarring rather than entertaining and it was hard to like your characters at all. ”

This was super hurtful, because Ellen is not there to spell anything out. She’s there to sow chaos! And her zealous interruptions are part of the joke, both within each scene and throughout the series. The Bank Robber would have stopped if it weren’t for Ellen pushing her to do better, which is a ridiculous thing for a woman to do in this case.

They also said the explicit narrative would have made sense if it was made for a feminist or equality summit. This feedback was very confusing, because the show pokes fun at feminism and masculinity. It would be rude if I made this for a feminist summit.

Anyway, someone obviously thought the show was NOT funny, and I am distraught.


The trailer for the short is now available on the site. Perhaps you noticed it as you visited the homepage!

I also posted the trailer on reddit, and that has been a roller coaster ride. The trailer got 119 views! The post received 4 likes, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, then 10! Then it dropped down to 6 and it has been going between 6 and 8 likes this morning.

Also, someone left a comment on the reddit post. Here is a copy and paste of the comment. I made sure to include every word to maintain the integrity of the author’s sentiment.


That’s it. That’s the only comment. I checked the user’s other comments, and they were more thoughtful than that. They weren’t entirely coherent, but slightly more effort had been put into his (I have to assume it was a man) other comments. Why…would someone go through the effort of posting that as a comment?

I have decided to interpret it as, “Huh, what a fun concept, I look forward to seeing more.”




It’s December, the last month of the Gregorian calendar. The First Female Bank Robber has wrapped production, so now we share it with the world!

This process has proved challenging. I don’t really know how to share it with the world. At parties, I shift discussion to the show and encourage people to watch it. This grassroots outreach is very difficult for a couple of reasons:

1) I do not have a lot of friends. And frequently steering the conversation towards my show does not bode well for keeping said friends.

2) I am not invited to a lot of parties. Who knows why this is. WHO CAN SAY.



Blog Posts

Welcome to the web site! It’s so nice to have you here! This is a space I’ll pop into every once in a while to share some general thoughts and also some specific thoughts.

In the mean time, we are super excited to share the first episode with the world.

I wrote this sketch in October/November 2014, and we (Bad Medicine, a DC Sketch comedy troupe) performed it for the first time in December at the Laff Fest at the Comedy Spot. We have continued to perform it over the years, in front of home audiences and at festivals across North America!

I hope you enjoy the first episode, and of course, I hope you laugh.