Festival Day

We are on the way to Boston for the Women in Comedy Festival!

Episode 1 was selected to be screened in the film competition. The winner of the competition gets a mentorship with Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. He knows Melissa McCarthy. So, this is the closest I could come to her, aside from her Hollywood Star.

Equally importantly, this is the FIRST time Episode 1 will be shown in a theater, on a large screen. There will be some friendly faces in the audience, and there will be strangers. This will be the first time I watch people who do not personally know me watch the short. I’m so nervous.

I once read (or watched?) an interview with Jennifer Lawrence, who was dating a director – Darren Aronofsky. Jennifer Lawrence said the difference between being an actor and a director is that as an actor, you can walk away from a negative movie review. You just go on to your next project. As a director, if your life’s work is received poorly, you are beside yourself. Relationships crumble, dreams collapse, and you can’t look anyone in the eye because you have brought great shame to blood and non-blood relatives and friends.*

*She didn’t say this last sentence, but the subtext was there for sure.

Anyway, we made it into the festival, so someone liked it! Bless that person.

I’ll write tomorrow with an update.

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